A Welcome Message from Michael

Updated: Nov 15


Hello, you incredible Pioneers,

Welcome to my company. If you’re seeing this, you’re among the first in my circle to support the incubation of this exciting new endeavor. Thank you for that.

The cork board on the wall next to my desk is covered - every square inch occupied by a printed photo, or a card from a friend, maybe a handwritten note or two from a colleague that was just passing by one day. All relics of a very different time - a not-so-long-ago period in my career at Gartner back when the words "social distancing" made zero sense.

I transplanted those items to my home office the day we went fully remote, and they continue to remind me how much I appreciated the times I spent with my coworkers working towards something greater. These mementos are unique in what they represent yet equally special to me because, together, they make up the bigger picture of a very important developmental point in my life.

In my approach to leading Mightec, we are going to be a commemorative group. We will celebrate and commemorate not only our greatest successes, but our greatest failures. The ability to fail and fail again, in and of itself, should be celebrated. Each time we fail and try again, we are granted the opportunity (but not guarantee) to learn and grow. As we do so, and eventually grow in size, we will commemorate the times that got us there. A few pictures tacked up to a board on the wall is where we'll start.

If you’re among those dedicated enough to read this far, I want to offer you something really special. There’s a few large potential projects in the pipeline. If we land the biggest one this month, and you’ve liked this actual post by then (so I know you’re claiming your prize), I’ll send you a commemorative gift from our first batch of merch. It won’t be glamorous or fancy - just a souvenir from the early days - an object to look back on while we’re building this into something great together.

I’ve still got quite a bit of setup to do for our online presence outside of our own website, so stay tuned for some exciting changes and content coming in the near future.

Until then,

Michael straight up smiling and having a good time.


Founder, Mightec