UPDATE: Welcome to Mightec - The Do-it-All Company

Fort Myers, FL - Mightec founder and designer Michael Malagon has decided to bring his dream into existence. The newly-formed Limited Liability Company, "Titan Labs, LLC." doing business as "Mightec - The Do-It-All Company", will provide services to clients in all fifty states and internationally. These developments come after a leave of absence from founder Michael Malagon for his service as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and his subsequent success as a Client Manager at Gartner, the world's leading research and advisory company.

Titan Labs was formed as a cooperative agreement between two high school students, Michael Malagon and Povilas Dauksa, in April 2014. Upon their graduation and subsequent enrollment at their respective universities, their idea initially went by the wayside until this most recent resurrection, ushering in two fresh faces - Cameron Rough and Tyler Ivory - and bringing the company back into existence. While Cameron and Tyler have since departed Mightec to pursue their own interests, this newly-created entity, now existing legally as well as conceptually, has resumed operations under Michael and a small team of talented individuals that contribute to projects as well as the overall development and growth of the company.

Pictured: Above-left: Michael Malagon, Founder / Designer

Pictured: Above-center: Tyler Ivory, Co-Founder

Pictured Above-right: Cameron Rough, Co-Founder

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